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Scuba Diving Locations in Turkey

Turkey is a famous sailing destination for many people from all around the world. Turkey offers many beaches and countless coves that you can enjoy turquoise azure waters and perfect sailing conditions. Charter a luxury sailboat in Turkey and explore the coastline while wearing your scuba diving gear and swimming in the rich sea floor with many unique sights to see. Turkey is a renowned destination for scuba diving lovers as it is full of coral reefs and amazing species of marine life. The locations of scuba diving spots are scattered throughout the Turkish Riviera so be sure to charter a luxury yacht and explore them all. 

To the north of the Turkish coastline, there is the Peninsula of Gallipoli. There is a big number of shipwrecks due to the battles in 1915 during the WWI when the British troops tried to take Istanbul. All of these wrecks have now been made home for the fish and the corals of the Aegean Sea and it is many species of life. The highlight of these wrecks is the HMS Majestic, a cargo ship that was hit by a torpedo in 1915. In the centre part of the Turkish Riviera near Davutlar there is one of the most famous scuba diving locations in turkey that attract many divers from all over the world. The sunken Airbus A300 is a 36-year-old plane that is soon to be home for the local marine life. Experts say that this plane will be home to many species like stingrays, barracudas, moray eels and of course octopuses. 

Head towards Bodrum and you will find tones of scuba diving locations. From two shipwrecked vessels, a plane to some ancient walls and of course many caverns the sea around Bodrum hides many secrets that sailors are called to find out. To the south part of the Turkish coastline, there is the city on Antalya. The sea around the town offers scuba diving enthusiasts many opportunities to see the amazing underwater wonderland and of course the two shipwrecks. The first is the Gelindoya shipwreck that is believed to be the worlds longest. The second is the Paris II shipwreck that sank in 1917.