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Sailing in Izmir, Turkey

Turkey is one of the most famous sailing destinations in all of the world. Sailors from across the globe go to Turkey to experience sailing and turquoise crystal-clear waters. Rent a luxury sailing yacht in Turkey and explore the countless beaches and coves that the eastern country offers. With a huge coastline, there are numerous marinas where you can charter a luxury sailboat, catamaran, motorboat or even the traditional Gulet. Located in the centre of the Minor Asia shoreline Izmir is one of the best choices that you will make if you decide to go sailing in Turkey. From Izmir, you can sail to Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and many other Turkish destinations. Also, you can easily head to the Greek island of Chios and explore the Aegean Sea. 

Maroon your sailing yacht in the marina of Izmir and head inland to explore the city with all of its sights and landmarks. Take a stroll around in the cobbled streets while seeing the amazing architecture that the city has to offer. First of all, head to the Izmir Clock Tower, located in the harbour of the city this Ottoman Style clock tower was erected in 1901 and has 4 fountains around it. Then you should head to Kadifekale, where you will see the big imposing castle that dates back to the era of Alexander the great and of course the Roman Empire. Other destinations that you must visit while in the town of Izmir are the Wildlife Park and of course the Ataturk Museum. 

Take your chartered sailing yacht and head to some of the countless beaches that the Turkish region offers. Many organized beaches have beach bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail before returning to your sailboat. Southwest of the town of Izmir there is the small bay with the white sand that it is called Pirlanta beach. This beach is a perfect place to anchor your sailing yacht and swim in the blue sea. 

Both to the north and to the south of the town of Izmir there are many secluded coves and isolated bays that you can visit and enjoy peace and tranquillity from your luxury sailing holidays. Maroon your sailboat and take a dive in the unscathed bays and explore the rich sea floor. You can also enjoy the thick shade that the trees provide. Last but not least the Turkish province of Izmir has a fantastic landscape that you can see from the deck of your luxury-chartered sailboat. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in the amazing sea of Izmir. Contact sailmenow.com and plan your next sailing holidays.