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Top Scuba Diving locations in Italy.

Italy is a prime sailing destination for many sailors from all around the world. Charter a luxury sailboat in Italy and explore the amazing sea with its ideal sailing conditions and perfect weather. In Italy, there are countless destinations that you can visit while sailing. From Sicily to Sardinia to Naples and Salerno, the Italian Riviera is full of surprises. Of course, Italy is a famous destination for scuba divers from all over the world that come and explore the rich and mysterious scuba diving sites. 

There are many diving sites that you can visit while sailing in Italy. First of all, head to Liguria in the Northwest part of Italy where you will stumble upon the Christ of the Abyss. This tall statue of Christ was placed there in memory of Dario Gonzatt who was the first Italian that used scuba diving gear. It will amaze you due to its sheer size. This diving site is ideal for both beginner and experienced divers due to the statue being only 17m from the surface. Another diving site that you can explore is the St. Elmo’s Rock. This scuba diving site is mostly caverns and corals but for nature lovers there is the place where you can see nearly all the species that have been found all around the Mediterranean Sea. These tunnels stretch for more than 350 meters and they have 3 entrances one deep and two shallows. 

Then you can take your luxury sailing yacht and head to Sorrento where you will find a special diving site in Italy. There is a small islet called Scoglio del Vervece, in that island at 40m depth there is a shipwreck that is now home to many species of marine life such as corals, octopus and of course the statue of the Virgin Mary. This bronze statute makes this diving site one of the most iconic sites in Italy. If you like seeing many species of marine life then head to Sicily. The Islands of the Cyclops are three column shaped rocks that provide volcanic rock formations so much above as below the sea surface. 

There are many more diving sites in Italy. You can charter a luxury sailing boat and explore the Mediterranean sea from the luxury of a rented yacht. Contact sailmenow.com and plan your next sailing holidays and of course don’t forget your scuba diving gear.