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Top Scuba Diving Destinations in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most famous sailing destinations in the world. Charter a luxury sailing yacht in Croatia and enjoy crystal clear turquoise waters and amazing sailing conditions. Perfect for both beginner and experienced sailors the Adriatic Sea offers many opportunities for sailing. Of course, adventure seekers will find a plethora of water sports to enjoy. There are also many unique scuba diving destinations that you can visit while sailing in Croatia. From Dubrovnik to Pula you will enjoy the rich sea floor with some shipwrecks and of course many species of marine life. 

The first destination that you will visit while sailing in Croatia is Dubrovnik. Just off the coast of the city, there is a famous Croatian Shipwreck that sank in 1943 after hitting a WWII mine. It is a perfect opportunity to anchor your luxury yacht and take a dive to explore the wreck and also see up close the many species of octopuses, lobsters and cardinal fish that have habited the sunken ship. Sail to the north of Dubrovnik and you will find the island of Brac. This majestic island is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. Having amazing scenery and lush green hills it is a paradise on earth. Wear your scuba diving gear and swim with the dolphins that are frequent in the area. Perfect for kids to play with marine life while enjoying crystalline waters. 

South of Brac there is the island of Losinj, there you will find fantastic sailing conditions and many secluded coves where you can anchor your chartered yacht and enjoy relaxation from your sailing holidays. In Losinj, there is an amazing underwater museum where an amazing 2000-year-old statue is located underwater. Among other items, you will see a Venetian Cannon and of course many artifacts from that era. Located not very deep this underwater museum is perfect for beginner divers as is accessible by everyone that is willing to wear scuba diving gear. North of the island of Losinj there is the area of Rovinj. There is located one of the most famous shipwrecks in the Adriatic Sea, the Baron Gautsch. This huge ship sank after hitting an Austro – Hungarian mine in WWII. The ship now is filled with corals and marine life and it is a unique opportunity to explore it.

Croatia has many scuba diving destinations that you can take your chartered yacht and explore. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to enjoy sailing holidays in luxury. Contact sailmenow.com and plan your next sailing trip.