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Sailing in Dominica

Located just north of Martinique, Dominica is a famous sailing destination for those that seek exotic beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Charter a luxury sailing yacht in the Caribbean and enjoy the perfect sailing conditions that the region offers. In Dominica, there are countless secluded beaches and isolated coves that you can visit and explore with your sailboat. There are also organized beaches on the island that you can visit and enjoy amenities like beach bars, restaurants and of course many watersport facilities. The island also offers visitors natural beauty and fantastic landscapes. You can explore the island either with your rented sailing yacht or by land while walking in the picturesque towns. 

Maroon your luxury sailing yacht in the main marina of Dominica and head inland to explore the fantastic town with the cobbled streets that you can stroll through and gaze the amazing architecture of the traditional Caribbean Style buildings. First of all, head to the amazing St. George’s Anglican Church, this church was built in the 19th century and it is as of today a place of worship and spirituality. Other destinations that you can visit while on the island of Dominica are the Roseau Museum, the St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral and the amazing Old Market Square. 

Take your chartered sailing yacht and visit some of the amazing beaches and bays that offer sailors amazing places to anchor and swim in turquoise waters. Of course, in the organized beaches, there are many amenities like beach bars and restaurants. Rented yachts always find fantastic spots to anchor so that you can relax under the bright Caribbean Sun. To the north side of the island, there is the beach of Pointe Baptiste. An amazing bay with soft white sand and the rare black sand. It offers visitors a view of the famous Red Rocks and of course neighbouring Caribbean islands such as Guadeloupe and Les Saintes.

If you want to relax in your luxury sailing holidays then Dominica has many secluded coves and isolated bays that you can anchor your sailing yacht and sunbathe in the quiet Caribbean Sea. Don’t forget to wear your snorkelling or scuba diving gear and take a swim while exploring the finned with marine life and colourful corals ocean floor. Mostly to the northeast side of the island you will find numerous coves where you can relax and enjoy your sailing trip. Planning a trip to the Caribbean is easy. Just contact sailmenow.com and we will find the best boat at the best price.