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Basic Boat Characteristics

There are many vessels that you can charter for your sailing holidays.  Sailboats, Catamarans, Motorboats and Gulets are the most famous types of boat that you can enjoy your sailing trip on. It is reasonable for you to ask, but what is the difference between those four types? What is the suitable type for me? Well, continue reading to find the characteristics of every boat type and find your suitable vessel for your next sailing holidays. 

Sailboats are the most common type of boats that the majority of sailors want to have their holidays on. The reason for this is that it is more affordable and easier to sail. Of course, it is less spacious and luxurious than the other types. Sailboats are recommended for beginner sailors or people that have no sailing experience whatsoever. Of course, with a sailboat, you can visit some more tight fit coves that other vessels like catamarans or motorboats cannot fit. To sum up, sailboats are perfect for beginner sailors, manoeuvrable, easy to sail, and relatively cheap. 

This Dual hull vessel is perfect if you want a perfect balance between luxury and stability. Due to its design catamarans are more difficult to sail than sailboats but they offer sailors luxury saloons and spacious cabins that provide a nice feel of luxury inside. As for the price they are slightly more expensive than sailboats due to their added luxury and amenities. 

This type of boat is perfect if you want to explore many destinations in one sailing trip. Due to their powerful engines, motorboats can cover bigger distances in a short time period. Of course, they are the most expensive so far due to their added luxury and comfort. You need a special license if you want to pilot a motorboat. Also, they have an extra charge for the fuel consumption that is depending on your speed and on the weather conditions. 

Gulets are big ships that were made a long time ago and were renovated in the last decade. Perfect for big groups (10+) that want to experience luxury and relaxation. All gulets come with a mandatory crew (Skipper, Hostess, Cook & a DeckHand) so you don’t need to worry about anything regarding the vessel. 

To sum up, there are many options for you that you can choose from regarding your next sailing holidays. Choose your destination & a type of boat and enjoy sailing in crystalline waters. Contact sailmenow.com and you will be closer than ever to your next sailing trip.