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What will you need in your sailing holidays

When deciding to go sailing there are some things that are not provided from the boat owner. You should be ready for everything that the sea throws your way. Not regarding safety though, for that see the post about 6 BOAT SAFETY TIPS. Here is a list of the mandatory items and accessories that you will be needing in your sailing week. 

Before embarking your luxury chartered yacht and heading to the sea. You should get all the necessary provisions to last you as long as possible, these provisions are mainly food and water. Close to every marina there should be a supermarket or a convenience store that has packets of bottled water, soft drinks and some alcohol. If you are the skipper it is not recommended to drink and sail, not only because you will be in trouble with the authorities but also because you will endanger all the sailors in your boat. Also, be sure to buy all the necessary food, there is a kitchen in the majority of the boats that you can use to cook meals for your fellow sailors or use it to ready a pre-cooked meal. 

All of the boats that are available for charter have a generator installed so that you can charge electronic devices and operate appliances (microwave, kitchen, fridge etc.). Be careful thought that the generator has a numbered capacity of electricity and can charge only while marooned in a marina/ port.  It is always recommended to have some power banks with you so that you can charge your devices like phones, camera, laptops etc. 

While sailing you need to have a specific set of clothes, preferably light clothes so that you can enjoy the nice breeze under the hot summer sun. Also, be sure to bring your swimsuit so that you can take a dive from your chartered sailboat and enjoy the crystal-clear azure coves and beaches that your skipper will take you. It is also recommended to bring a jacket with you in case you get cold at night. The lack of sun and the breeze is a recipe for getting cold. 

When organizing your luggage for the sailing trip be sure to bring all the necessary accessories with you so that you can enjoy your luxury sailing holidays safe and without any concern. The most important accessory that you will need is sunscreen. Especially in the summertime when the sun is bright the danger of getting burned is very high. So be sue to buy a good sunscreen with high SPF measurement (like 30 or 60 SPF).  Also is totally recommended to bring a hat with you so that you can have shade when in a beach with no trees or when sunbathing in the deck of your luxury sailboat. Shades is another parameter that is totally recommended. 

These are some of the necessary items that you need to have in order to experience the full potential of the luxury sailing holidays that you are planning to go. This way you will eliminate any dangers that might come up like food, water shortage or sunburn or even sunstroke/ heatstroke.