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Sailing from Kos to Bodrum

Greece is one of the most famous destination that you can rent a luxury yacht and sail in its crystal-clear blue waters. Charter a sailboat in Greece and enjoy countless beaches and coves with amazing sailing conditions. Kos is an ideal destination to start your holidays at sea. There are many marinas in the island that offer many choices on sailboats, catamarans, motorboats or Gulets. You can rent yacht in Kos Marina and start your sailing trip towards the Turkish town of Bodrum where you can enjoy beaches and tranquil waters. 

Start your sailing trip in Kos and Set sail for the Mastichari beach and you will be greeted with turquoise waters that will make you dive in from your sailboat and explore the rich seabed. There are also more than enough diving clubs that can train you to dive and that will show you the tips and trick in order to do it yourself. If you are not the diving type you can go ashore in your dinghy and rent a surfing board in order to go windsurfing or you can choose from the plenty of watersport facilities that are located in the beach. Anchor your sailboat just further south and you will find Thermes beach. It is known for its natural seapool that where the sea water meets the hot spring water and that offers visitors a spa-like swim. Also, Thermes offers amazing scenery due to its steep cliffs that surround the beach and offer natural shade.  Sailing in Kos is easy due to its nice breeze and tranquil sea.

Sail north east from Kos and you will find the beautiful province of Bodrum. You will be greeted with amazing beaches with many amenities. Sail with your rented sailboat to the west, right next to the main town of Bodrum there is Gumbet beach. This cove offers crystal clear waters and a chance to dive in from your chartered yacht to explore the rich sea bottom with snorkeling equipment. Just 6 miles out of Gumbet there is Bitez, a beach with golden sand and transparent waters that is a great place to maroon your chartered yacht, take your dinghy and head to the shore where there are many restaurants that can serve you unique tastes. Take your rented sailboat and head to the north and you will find the small unspoiled small village of Gundogan. The bay there is has beautiful landscape with green hills that end up on the sandy beach.  

Don’t miss out this perfect opportunity to sail in the amazing Aegean Sea and explore all of its beaches and coves. Visit Kos and Bodrum to have one of the best sailing weeks of your life.