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Sailing Itinerary Skiathos - Skopelos - Skyros

Located in the North part of the Aegean Sea, Sporades is one of the most famous sailing destinations in Greece. Rent a luxury sailing yacht in Skiathos and you will be amazed by how many beaches and coves there are to explore. The Aegean Sea offers amazing sailing conditions and crystal-clear turquoise waters that you can easily cruise even if you are a beginner sailor. There are countless marinas on the island of Skiathos that have many sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and gulet available for charter. 

Start your sailing tri in Skiathos and set sail for the south side of the island and you will be greeted with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches where you can anchor your rented sailboat and take your dinghy ashore to taste traditional Greek cuisine in one of the many taverns that are in those beaches. The most famous beaches on the southern side of the island is Koukounaries, it is well known for its pine trees that are all around the beach that provide thick shade from the hot Cycladic sun.  Sail your rented sailboat south of the main town of Skiathos and you will find the beach called Kanapitsa, although famous this beach never gets crowded like others. Kanapitsa offers a wide variety of beach bars and facilities for watersports. The waters are perfect for diving from your chartered sailboat.

Continue your sailing trip to the east in the island of Skopelos. Take your chartered sailing yacht and head to the west of Skopelos town and you will find the majestic beach called Panormos. It has turquoise waters that are perfect for you to dive right into them from your sailboat. This beach is a popular area and it is surrounded by a lush green setting. There are many facilities there such as beach bars and taverns that serve traditional Greek dishes. In the southeast side of the island there is a beach called Stafilos, this is a unique beach with shiny pebbles that is hidden between high cliffs. Stafilos is one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Skopelos and it is a must sail destination for every sailor.

Finally head southeast to the island of Skyros and set sail for one of the countless beaches of the island. Whether you want crowded beaches or isolated coves Skiros can satisfy your needs.  The most famous beach of Skiros is Molos; it has a picturesque surrounding environment and a long and sandy beach. Also, it is known for its crystal-clear blue waters that you can easily anchor your rented sailboat. Take your dinghy shore and enjoy traditional Greek tastes from the many taverns and restaurants that are located there. To the west side of the island lays the Acherounes beach; its lush green surroundings and amazing waters attract a lot of visitors. It is idea for anchoring your chartered sailboat there due to the hills that circle the beach that block the strong north wind.

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