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Sailing In Salerno

Located in the heart of Italy, Salerno is a prime sailing destination for many sailors that wish to enjoy tranquil waters and amazing coasts. Rent a luxury sailboat in Salerno and explore the countless beaches and secluded coves that the Italian province offers. With its perfect sailing conditions cruising in your chartered sailboat is easy even for beginner sailors. Salerno has many marinas with sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and gulets that you can choose from. From Salerno you can visit many other Italian destinations like Naples, Pompeii and cruise in the amazing Amalfi Coast

Maroon your luxury sailing yacht in one of the marinas of Salerno and head inland to explore the town with all of its amazing sights and landmarks. First of all, visit the Castello di Arechi where the castle ruins will travel you back in time to the Goth and Byzantine periods. Then head to the Palazzo di Citta where you will be amazed by the architecture of this classical building. Explore the rest of Salerno and you will find some of the other landmarks that the town offers. Some of them are the Palazzo d’Avossa and Palazzo Genovese

Take your chartered sailing yacht and head to some of the numerous beaches and coves that the Salerno province offers. Enjoy tranquil turquoise waters while cruising in the luxury of your chartered yacht. To the west of the town of Salerno you will find the beach of Vietri sul Mare. This amazing small beach has crystal clear waters and it is naturally protected by strong wings so that you can anchor easily your sailing yacht. There are many other beaches in Salerno that you can visit. Some of them provide amenities like beach bars and restaurants that you can enjoy a relaxing and refreshing cocktail before returning to your floating home. 

If you want to experience peace and tranquility there are countless secluded coves in Salerno that offer visitors crystal clear turquoise waters, amazing surrounding landscape and peaceful times. When you anchor your sailboat in one of those coves you can dive in the sea with snorkeling or scuba diving equipment and explore the rich in marine life sea floor. These coves are mostly located in the west side of the town of Salerno. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in the amazing Italian sea and enjoy luxury holidays. Contact Sailmenow.com to plan your next sailing trip.