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Sailing Itinerary from Naxos to Paros

Located in the middle of the Aegean Sea in Greece, Naxos is a prime sailing destination for many sailors all around the world. Rent a luxury sailing yacht in Naxos and explore the countless beaches and coves that the island provides. Visit the numerous marinas that the island offers where you have a variety of options to look for from sailboats and catamarans to motorboats and gulets. Naxos due to its position in the Aegean Sea it offers tranquil waters that provide perfect cruising conditions from your sailboat so it is ideal for both beginner and experienced sailors. 

Start your sailing trip in Naxos and to sail to Plaka, the longest beach, located on the west side in the island, is one of the most unscathed beaches in all of the island. When you sail there, you will be greeted with turquoise waters and a long sandy beach. Other important beaches are Mikri Vigla, Agios Prokopios, Aliko and Orkos. All of them will make you jump of your anchored sailboat and explore the sea bottom with your snorkeling gear. When you embark your sailboat again at the evening you can sail to the open sea and gaze upon the amazing Aegean sunset. Don’t worry about returning at night the Aegean Sea is calm with a very gentle breeze that will bring you smoothly back to the port of Naxos.

Set sail to the west and you will find the island of Paros. The unscathed beaches will make you want to dive right in the crystal-clear waters and explore the sea bottom with countless facilities that offer you snorkeling and scuba diving gear. If you go scuba diving at the south part of Paros you will find an old Beaufort airplane (WWII) wreck in the bottom of the sea. Embark your chartered luxury yacht and take it to the open sea in order to admire the amazing sunset that the Aegean Sea offers. One of the most known beaches is Golden Beach, there is soft sand and ideal wind for windsurfing. If you wish to take your rented sailboat to a secluded cove and relax the beach of Boudari is the perfect place for you. Overall, renting a sailboat in Paros is a one in a lifetime experience so be sure to explore all of its beautiful beaches and seas.

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