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Sailing Itinerary from Vannes to La Rochelle

France has many sailing destinations that many sailors want to visit and explore while sailing. Rent a luxury sailboat in France and enjoy peace and tranquility while sailing in turquoise waters and exploring the numerous beaches and secluded coves that the French region offers. There are countless options on sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and gulets in the luxurious marinas of France. There you can find amenities like bars and restaurants as well as accessory shops for your sailing yacht. This is a recommended route that we at sailmenow.com recommend. Begin your sailing holidays in Vannes, sail to the south towards La Rochelle while seeing the fantastic landscape and beaches of France

Start your sailing trip in Vannes and head to the south of the city of Vannes and you will find the beautiful beach of Grande Plage de Damgan. This long stretch of sand is the best place to anchor your luxury yacht and take a dive in crystalline waters. It has soft sand and many amenities like beach bars and restaurants to accommodate visitors. North of the city of Vannes there is the beach of Magouero. This 10-mile-long beach is one of the most unique as it offers visitors amazing vies of the French landscape and calm waters.
Then sail to the south and enjoy the countless secluded coves and isolate bays that France offers. There are many coves that you can anchor your chartered sailboat and take a dive in crystalline waters and wear your snorkeling or scuba diving equipment and explore the rich in marine life sea floor.

Continue sailing to the south and you will find the amazing town of La Rochelle. Minimes Beach just south of the city of la Rochelle and enjoy swimming in clear waters. This beach is organized with beach bars and restaurants and it has a big number of tourists every year especially in the summer months. Further to the south of La Rochelle there is the region of Angoulins. This region has a long stretch of sand where it is perfect to anchor your luxury-chartered yacht and take a dive in the sea.

Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in France while exploring the majestic landscape and cruising in tranquil crystal-clear waters. Charter a luxury yacht with sailmenow.com and enjoy your sailing holidays.