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Top 5 beaches in Italy

Italy is the home of many amazing beaches and coves that you can enjoy with your rented yacht. Crystal clear azure waters and amazing sailing conditions await sailors to visit them. Rent a luxury yacht and experience the amazing sailing routes thought the Italian riviera while stopping in unique beaches to swim. Making this list was difficult due to the reason that all of Italy’s beaches are worth a visit. Here is our list of the top 5 beaches that you can visit while sailing in Italy

1.Cala Goloritze, Sardinia
An amazing small cove that is the ideal place to anchor your luxury sailboat and take a dive in crystalline waters. Offering lush green surrounding hills, the Cala Goloritze provides thick shade under the bright Italian sun. The area is a prominent destination for yacht charterers but the cove itself it is not at all crowded, not even in the summer months. Not only the looks of it are amazing, the surrounding hills are from limestone, that what made this amazing beach a UNESCO site in 1995.

2.Chiaia di Luna, Ponza
This unique Italian beach is located in the small island of Ponza. While the beach is weirdly shaped it offers great views from a luxury yacht. It has a very narrow sandy bay while the volcanic rocks go 328 feet above the ground making an imposing natural wall.  In the Ponza island there are numerous beautiful beaches that you can sail your chartered yacht but none like this one. With a rich sea floor, it is totally recommended for everyone to wear your snorkeling or scuba diving equipment and take a dive in the sea. 

3.Spiaggia di Sansone, Elba
Located in Isola d’Elba this amazing beach is one of the most fantastic sights to see while yacht chartering. Green waters below and lush forests surrounding you is one of the most amazing places to relax and enjoy your sailing holidays. Isola d’Elba is one of the most prominent destination for yacht charters due to its calm winds and perfect overall sailing conditions. It is also ideal for family vacations as the beaches that you will visit are not crowded and have shallow waters. 

4.Scala dei Turchi, Sicily
What can we say about this bay. It is unique. Red sand and amazing moonlike rock formations are one of the sights that you are going to see when you anchor your luxury-chartered sailboat in this bay. Experience turquoise waters and perfect sailing conditions. It is located in the south part of Sicily and you can visit this beach while touring the island and seeing all of its sights and unique places. 

5.Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle, Marche
Last but not least is the amazing beach of Due Sorelle. Located in the north east side of Italy in the Adriatic Sea the “beach of the two sisters” is an amazing destination to visit while yacht chartering in the region. Rent a luxury yacht and explore this perfect beach in Italy. Fantastic rock formations and crystalline waters await sailors in the beach of the two sisters. 

Italy has many more amazing beaches and coves that you should visit while yacht chartering in the country. Rent a luxury sailboat, catamaran, motorboat or gulet and explore the amazing Mediterranean sea. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to enjoy luxurious life at sea.