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Sailing In Barcelona

Located in the south side of Spain, Barcelona is one of the most famous cities in Spain as it offers many things to do and see. Rent a luxury sailboat in Barcelona and explore countless beaches and coves in addition with perfect sailing conditions that make everyone want to go sailing. The sea surrounding Barcelona is perfect for both beginner and experienced sailors as it offers calm waters and a nice breeze. From Barcelona you can sail in many other sailing destinations like Valencia, Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca

Maroon your chartered sailboat in one of the marinas in Barcelona and head to the town to explore the history filled town and all of its hidden secrets. First of all, head to Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. This tall imposing castle will amaze you with its amazing architecture and size. Then head to the Casa Batllo, an amazing house that it has many colors and it’s like someone has taken it out of a fairytale book. Then head to the magic fountain. This huge fountain has music, light and water show every half an hour. It is totally recommended to visit the fountain while you are in town. 

Take your chartered sailboat and head to some of the amazing beaches that surround the city of Barcelona. One of the most famous beaches is Ocata Beach, located north of the town, Ocata beach has soft white sand and crystalline waters that is perfect for swimming. Sail with your luxury yacht south of the city of Barcelona and see the beach of Castelldefels. This long stretch of sand is crowded with tourists especially in the summer months. It has beach bars and restaurants where you can enjoy amenities and a refreshing cocktail before returning to your luxury-chartered sailboat. Just south of Castelldefels, there is the beach of Garraf. It has warm, calm waters and it is not widely known to tourists, but it still has many beach bars that offer visitors amenities. 

In Barcelona you can also enjoy peace and tranquility in your luxury sailing holidays by visiting some of the countless secluded coves that the Barcelona area offers. You can anchor your luxury sailboat in one of the countless coves and enjoy relaxing under the thick shade that the lush green forests provide. Enjoy swimming in turquoise waters and explore the rich sea floor with many colorful corals and many species of marine life. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in the amazing sea surrounding Barcelona. Contact sailmenow.com and plan your next sailing holidays.