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Sailing in Montpellier

Located in south France, Montpellier is a prime sailing destination for many sailing enthusiasts that want to experience life at sea while sailing in the calm waters of the Mediterranean. Rent a luxury sailboat in Montpellier and experience the amazing sailing conditions that France offers. Head to some of the countless beaches and coves that you can find and swim in turquoise waters. Chartering a yacht in Montpellier is a once in a lifetime opportunity that cannot be lost. From there you can sail to other destinations like Marseille, Cannes and Nice

Maroon your luxury sailboat in the marina of Montpellier and head inland to explore the city with its amazing sights and landmarks. First of all, head to the Cathedrale St-Pierre, this amazing cathedral is out of a fairytale. It has imposing walls and castle like towers. It is recommended by everyone to visit and check it out. Then you should head to Place de la Canourgue, it is a magnificent palace that has medieval architecture and it is at the center of the historical district in the city. Other must visit destinations while you visit Montpellier are the Porte du Peyrou, the Place de la Comedie and the amazing Aquadukt Saint Clement. 

Take your chartered sailboat and head to some of the countless beaches that the Montpellier region offers. Visit Carnon beach to the east of the city of Montpellier and you will experience amazing waters and a beach with many amenities like beach bars, beach volley and restaurants. Just east of Carnon beach there is the beach of Espiguette. This long stretch of sand is the perfect place to anchor your luxury sailboat and take a dive in crystal clear waters. Other unique beaches that Montpellier offers and is recommended for you to visit are La Grande Motte beach, Palavas beach and the amazing beach of Grande Conque. 

If you would lie to enjoy peace and tranquility in your luxury-chartered holidays then the region of Montpellier has many secluded coves and isolated bays that you can visit with your luxury yacht and swim in crystal clear azure waters. Especially in the north east of the city of Montpellier there are countless of those places. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in the amazing French sea around Montpellier