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Sailing Itineraries in Cyclades

When you decide to go sailing in Greece, Cyclades is one of the most popular destinations in all of the world. Rent a luxury sailboat in Greece and enjoy the tranquil sea and the wonderful breeze that makes sailing easy and enjoyable. Take your chartered yacht and head to some of the most famous Greek islands with crystal clear turquoise waters and amazing landscape. We recommend that the starting base for your Cyclades sailing trip to be in Alimos (Kalamaki) Marina, simply because there are countless options of sailboats, catamarans and motorboats. When you embark your chartered yacht head to the east and you will find the Cycladic islands that await you to explore them. 

1. Milos

Start your sailing trip by heading south of Athens towards Milos. Milos is famous for being one of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece with turquoise waters and sandy beaches. Having lunar landscape and bright white rock formations, the island is the ideal place to get to know the Aegean Sea and the Greek islands

2. Ios

Located east of Milos, Ios is a popular island among tourist due to its amazing beaches, nightlife and perfect surrounding sea. Charter a luxury sailboat in Ios and enjoy the numerous boat-only accessible coves that the island has and get the peace and tranquility you seek from your luxury sailing holidays. 

3. Paros

Next stop, is Paros. Located north of Ios, Paros is famous for its amazing beaches and crystalline waters. The numerous unscathed beaches and secluded coves will let you sunbathe in the deck of your luxury sailboat while gazing the lush green surrounding hills. When in Paros you should head south-west and find the islet of Antiparos. With no big towns and many places to go for your sailing trip it is a must visit destination. 

4. Naxos

Right next to Paros, is Naxos. One of the bigger islands in Greece, Naxos offers many beaches and coves that you can anchor your rented luxury sailboat and take a dive In crystal clear azure waters. The Aegean Sea surrounding Naxos is calm and with rich marine life. Sail in the north side of the island and you will find countless coves that are boat-only accessible and explore the seafloor with scuba diving or snorkeling equipment. 

5. Amorgos

Amorgos is a quieter island with no big numbers of tourists due to the not so frequent ferries. The small port contributes in the cleanliness of the sea surrounding Amorgos. Green waters with fantastic rock formations and colorful corals is what you will encounter in Amorgos.

6. Santorini

Last but not least head south of Amorgos and you will find Santorini. The most famous island in the Aegean Sea that has many tourists every year. In Santorini you will find the famous blue-white houses with the small pebbled streets and an overall picturesque town.  The beaches that are located in the island are unique, from red sand to huge cliffs surrounding the bays in the island it is best to explore Santorini with a rented sailboat and find all of its hidden beaches and secrets that the island might be hiding in the sea. 

Cyclades is an ideal opportunity to enjoy sailing in the Aegean Sea. This is a recommended itinerary from us in order to enjoy sailing in the worldwide famous Greek islands. Both for beginner and experienced sailors the Greek islands will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity. Charter a Luxury sailboat in Greece and enjoy sailing as it is meant to be.