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Most important things to know when chartering

1. Destination 
When you are inquiring for a yacht charter the first thing to know is where do you wish to sail. There are countless destinations for you to choose from; Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy and France are some of the European countries that we recommend to sail. You can also search for yachts in more exotic destinations like Seychelles, the Caribbean or the Maldives.
2. Dates
Be sure to know when you want your sailing holidays to start. The standard charter duration is one week (Saturday to Saturday). The charter period starts from Saturday at 17:00 and ends the following Saturday at 09:00. You can also make your rent period two or more weeks (Saturday to Saturday). 

3. Type of Boat
There are many yachts for you to choose from. Each one with its own sailing capabilities and characteristics. The options are Sailboats, Catamarans, Motorboats and Gulets. Sailboats are more popular among sailors because they grant you the “authentic sailing experience”. Secondly the Catamarans are dual-hulled vessels which provide a more stable sailing trip and more spacious interior and exterior that sailboats. Motorboats are top tier in the yacht charter industry, they have all the amenities of a luxury house and they can bring you in every destination you may want. Last but not least, Gulets are old vessels (1970-1990) that are renewed bigger than any other boat that you can rent Gulets offer you spacious cabins and a large deck that you can enjoy the sun. 

4. Budget
When deciding to charter a luxury yacht the first thing to do is determine the budget that you will spend. Of course, the higher the budget the bigger and more luxurious the vessel will be, but that does not mean that it will be always that way. In some occasions the boat owners make some special discounts for bigger, newer and more luxurious boats. 

5. Persons & Cabins
Every boat has its own maximum person capacity, if you exceed that limit then the port authorities will not let you leave port and you will probably receive a fine (depending on the country that the marina is located). Every vessel has some cabins that have either one single bed, one bunk bed or a double bed. Others give you the option to sleep in the common area if there is no available cabin. 

6. Skipper
When deciding to organize a sailing week it is important to know if you ill be needing a skipper. If you have a valid skipper’s license then you can take the boat by yourself and sail it. If not then all the boat owner companies have available skipper for hire. The advantages of hiring a skipper are that they have excellent knowledge of all the possible routes and will take you to the most amazing secrets that the sailing area has

These are some of the most important things to know when organizing your yacht charter holidays. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to sail in sea and have the most amazing time in your sailing holidays in a luxury boat.