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Sailing in Rogoznica

Located just north of Trogir, Rogoznica is a perfect destination to sail with your chartered luxury yacht. Rent a sailboat in Rogoznica and explore the amazing Croatia coastline with all its amazing beaches and coves. There are countless destinations you can visit with your chartered sailboat and enjoy the peace and tranquility you seek from your luxury sailing holidays. From Rogoznica you can sail to other Croatian destinations such as Trogir, Split, Zadar and Sibenik. All of the beaches in the area have crystal clear azure waters that are perfect for you to take a dive from your rented yacht.  The most famous beaches in Rogoznica are Beach Racice, Beach Gornji and Mezaroca beach

Maroon your chartered luxury yacht in the marina of Rogoznica and head inland to explore some of the sights and landmarks of the city and also to take a stroll on the pebbled streets of the town.  First of all you should visit the 15th century church of St. George in the old town. This cathedral with its amazing architecture and view of the area will leave you speechless. The marina in Rogoznica called Marina Frapa is one of the best in the world offering many facilities so that you can have all the luxury you want in your chartered sailboat. 

Take your rented luxury yacht and head to some of the countless beaches in Rogoznica. Enjoy the bright Croatian sun from the deck of your sailboat and take a dive in turquoise waters while exploring the rich sea bottom filed with marine life. Head just south of the town and you will find the long stretch of sand called Racice beach. This bay is an ideal opportunity to anchor your rented sailboat and take a dive in the tranquil sea while enjoying the crystalline waters.  Head further south and you will be greeted with the turquoise waters of the beach of Kanica. This cove has perfect conditions if you want to gear up with snorkeling or scuba diving equipment and explore the rich sea bottom filled with marine life and various rock formations. 

If you want to enjoy the peace and tranquility you seek from your luxury sailing holidays then Rogoznica has many secluded coves and isolated bays that you can anchor your yacht and enjoy the calmness of the sea in addition with the nice breeze to keep you cool in the hot summer months. Especially north of the town of Rogoznica there are countless coves that you can visit. Be sure to take a swim in the unspoilt waters of Croatia. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in the sea of Rogoznica, explore the town and the nearby beaches. Charter a luxury sailboat, motorboat or catamaran and experience this once in a lifetime sailing holiday.