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Sailing in Pula

Located north of Zadar and Split, Pula is a must sail destination for many sailors around the world. Rent a sailboat in Pula and set sail in the amazing crystal clear azure waters of the Croatian Sea and experience the perfect sailing conditions and tranquil sea that the Mediterranean Sea offers.  In Pula there are countless beaches that you can visit with facilities and amenities. Also you can visit some of the amazing secluded coves and isolated bays that the Pula area has and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your luxury sailing holidays.  The most famous beaches in Pula are Ambrela beach, Havajsko (Hawaii) beach and the shore of Ferijalni beach

Maroon your chartered sailboat in the main marina of Pula and head inland to explore the city and its important sights and landmarks. Head to the Town hall, where this big magnificent building with its amazing architecture will surely amaze you. Then you should head to the ancient Temple of Augustus where the big pillars and imposing triangular roofline will give you a taste of the ancient times. Other must visit destinations are the ancient amphitheatre de Pula, the Arco dei Sergi and the Pula Kastel

Take your rented sailboat and head to the south of the town of Pula in order to find the azure water of the beach of Ambrela. This bay has soft sand and tranquil sea that makes it perfect for you to anchor your rented sailboat and swim with snorkeling or scuba diving equipment in order to explore the rich sea bottom. Head just a bit north of Ambrela and you will be greeted with the crystalline waters of the beach of Havajsko. This beach is named after the famous American island of Hawaii because it offers white sandy shore and turquoise waters.  Head approximately 10 miles north of the town of Pula and you will find the beach of Meneghetti. This bay offers turquoise waters and tranquil sea perfect to take a dive from your rented luxury yacht. 

If you seek peace and tranquility from your luxury sailing holidays then Pula area offers many secluded coves and isolated bays that are perfect to anchor your sailboat and enjoy relaxation in the deck of your luxury chartered yacht. The majority of those coves are located south of the town of band are the perfect opportunity to explore the Croatian coastline while also swimming in turquoise waters of the north Mediterranean sea. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in the Pula coast. Rent a luxury sailboat and experience this once in a lifetime sailing holidays.