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Top 5 Sailboats that you can charter in Lefkada

Located in the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is the most popular sailing destination in all of Greece.  Rent a Sailboat in Lefkada and experience crystal clear azure waters, fantastic beaches and majestic landscapes from the deck of your chartered sailboat. Lefkada amazes its visitors with its exotic blue color of its surrounding sea and gives sailors countless beaches to choose, from secluded bays and isolated coves to popular beaches with beach bars and tourists. The island offers the best sailing conditions of the Ionian Sea, that makes Lefkada the perfect destination both for beginner and experienced sailors. There are many luxury yacht to charter in Lefkada. Here is a top 10 list of the recommended vessels :

5.  Bavaria 35 Cruiser

This sailboat offers luxury and comfort in a just 11m. Perfect for small families or small group of friends (3-4) this Bavaria 35 Cruiser has all the necessary provisions in order to be the best floating home. Charter this sailboat and enjoy the perfect sailing capabilities in addition with the tranquil Ionian Sea. Rent this sailboat bareboat in you have a skippers license; if not don’t worry you can hire a skipper that knows all the ideal itineraries so that you will experience the perfect sailing holidays.

4. Sun Odyssey 36i

This luxury sailboat has all the latest technologies that you may need in you luxury sailing holidays  including Wi-Fi on board and many navigation equipment like GPS plotter, autopilot and electronic nautical maps. This Sun Odyssey 36i has 3 cabins with one double bed each and can hold up to 8 people so it is perfect for small groups of friends. The roomy common area and the luxury deck make this sailboat perfect for sunbathing under the bright Greek Sun.

3. Bavaria 39 Cruiser

The Bavaria 39 Cruiser is a perfect option for everyone that wants to sail the magnificent Ionian Sea while enjoying the amazing sailing conditions and capabilities of the sailboat. This 12 meter luxury sailboat has 3 cabins each one with a double bed so it can accommodate a total of 6 sailors. Head to the deck of the Bavaria 39 Cruiser and enjoy the relaxing times you seek from your sailing holidays.

2. Sun Odyssey 449

This Sun Odyssey 449 has all the luxury you seek from a floating home. Rent this luxury sailboat and enjoy the peace and tranquility for the deck of this 14 meter yacht. The Sun Odyssey 449 has 4 cabins so it can accommodate up to 8 people simultaneously.  With the spare beds in the common area it can hold up to 10 sailors. If you have a skipper’s license you will immediately notice the perfect sailing capabilities of this sailboat. The Sun Odyssey 449 is a perfect choice for everyone that want to sail in the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea.

1. Oceanis 50 Family

This big sailboat is a unique way to explore the tranquil magnificent Ionian Sea. Charter this Oceanis 50 Family and enjoy luxurious space and all the latest technology that help this big sailboat maneuver around the Greek islands. The Oceanis 50 Family has 5 cabins and can accommodate up to 10 people. With its spacious deck you can easily sunbathe under the bright Greek sun.  Last but not least it is perfect for families or group of friends as it has big common areas that everyone can relax in.