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Sailing in the Kornati Islands

Locate north of Sibenik and south of Zadar, Kornati is one of the biggest islands in the Croatian Sea. Rent a sailboat in Kornati and explore the countless beaches and coves that the Island offers. Sail in the amazing tranquil sea with the nice breeze that complete the perfect sailing conditions. Charter a luxury sailboat in Kornati and explore the crystal clear waters and enjoy your relaxation under the thick shade from the forests that Kornati has. The secluded coves and isolated bays in the Kornati islands are many more than the organized beaches that they have. The most famous bays in Kornati are Saharun Bay, Opat Bay and Telascica.

Anchor your sailboat in one of the coves in Kornati an head inland with your dinghy to explore the forest and the protected park. Also while you are there you should stop by the Fortress of Tureta. This ancient fortress is a symbol for the Kornati islands as it is a point of interest for tourists. This fortress was built in order to control marine traffic around Kornati islands. The view from the top of the hill is amazing and it oversees all of the surrounding sea and the rest of the island. Being mostly uninhabited the island has a perfect unscathed nature. The other place that you should visit in Kornati is the Church of Our Lady of Tarac. This three thousand year old church is surrounded by many archeological sites that tell the tale of the island from that time. 

Take your chartered sailboat and explore the countless coves that the Kornati Islands have. The unspoiled surrounding hills with lush green vegetation will give you an exotic place to anchor your luxury sailboat and take a dive in crystal clear turquoise waters with no signs of human intervention. The island is a once in a lifetime experience due to its uniqueness. Especially sailors that want to enjoy peace and tranquility from their sailing holidays will find this destination ideal for them. 

Due to its uninhabited nature Kornati islands have not any restaurants or beach bars. So be sure to stock up on provisions while exploring this perfect exotic island. Kornati is the ideal place for scuba diving fans. Take your equipment and dive in the turquoise waters to find coral reefs and many species of marine life that are unique to this location. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in the amazing Kornati islands. Charter a luxury sailboat and experience this once in a lifetime sailing holidays.