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Sailing in Mykonos

Located north of Paros, Mykonos is the most famous Greek island in the Aegean Sea, due to its amazing beaches and countless beach bars. Rent a sailboat in Mykonos explore and visit the island’s beaches and isolated coves while enjoying the perfect sailing conditions that the Greek Sea offers. There are countless beaches in Mykonos others organized with beach bars and taverns and others isolated and secluded. All of them have crystal clear azure waters that make them the ideal places to anchor your luxury chartered sailboat and swim in the blue waters. The most famous beaches in Mykonos are Super Paradise, Elia and Lia beach

Maroon your rented luxury sailboat in the main marina of Mykonos and head inland to explore the various sights and landmarks and also the amazing historical importance of the Island of Winds. A must visit destination is the district of Little Venice. The houses built on top of the shore will give you the impression that you are located in a mythical land. The windmills on the mountain are imposing and will leave you speechless. Also you should visit Armenistis Lighthouse where the tall white structure with the amazing architecture and the gorgeous view will amaze you. A famous landmark of Mykonos is the old windmills. The white buildings with the brown roof are a main attraction of the Island and hence the name of the “Island of Winds”. 

Take your rented sailboat and head to some of the countless beaches that Mykonos offers. The most famous beach is super Paradise beach, this sandy bay is filled with beach bars that you can visit by taking your dinghy ashore and enjoying a refreshing cocktail. Head back to your chartered sailboat and enjoy sunbathing in the deck of your rented yacht. To the south east side of the island is the amazing beach of Elia. This 10km long stretch of sand is the longest sandy bay of Mykonos fully organized with beach bars and numerous taverns that offer traditional Greek cuisine. So be sure not to miss that. 

In Mykonos there are a plethora of secluded coves and isolated bays that you can sail to with your chartered luxury sailboat and enjoy the peace and tranquility you see from your sailing holidays. The majorities of them are in the north side of the island and make the ideal place to anchor your rented sailboat and take a dive in crystal clear turquoise waters and explore the sea floor with scuba diving or snorkeling equipment. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to sail in the amazing sea that surrounds Mykonos. Charter a luxury sailboat now and experience this once in a lifetime sailing holidays.