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Sailing in Makarska, Croatia

Croatia is a prime sailing destination for many travelers from all around the world. Charter a luxury sailboat in one of the countless marinas that Croatia has and enjoy perfect sailing conditions and fantastic turquoise seas. Sail in Makarska and visit the numerous beaches and coves that this Croatian region offers. From Makarska region, you can visit many other Croatian destinations such as Rogoznica, Korcula island, Split and of course the amazing Brac island. Visit and plan your next sailing holidays in Croatia with the best prices on charter yachts online. 

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean is a prime sailing destination for many people from all over the world. Charter a luxury yacht in the many destinations that the Caribbean offers like Antigua, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and of course the BVI. Especially for scuba divers the Caribbean offers many coves and bays that you can wear your scuba diving equipment and take a dive in turquoise waters while exploring the rich in marine life sea floor. There are many destinations for scuba diving enthusiasts so just charter a sailboat and head to the Caribbean to live a unique experience. 

Sail in Ostia, Italy

Located in Italy, Ostia is a famous sailing destination for many sailors from all over the world. With crystal clear azure waters and amazing sailing conditions, Ostia is home to some of the most amazing marinas that offer luxury amenities and a safe place to anchor. Rent a yacht in Ostia and experience the countless beaches and coves that the Italian province has. Sail to secluded bays and enjoy your relaxing holidays. From Ostia, you can head to many other Italian destinations like Naples to the south, Fiumicino to the north and of course Anzio. 

Sail in Amalfi Coast

Italy is a prime sailing destination for many travelers from all around the world. With a vast number of beaches and coves, Italy has a big influx of tourists that visit just for the luxury yachts and sailing boats that you can rent. Charter a sailboat and explore all the beaches and secluded coves that Italy has to offer. Amalfi coast is a famous destination for many sailors that want to experience life at sea while seeing the amazing landscape and of course the luxury yachts that find anchorage there. From the Amalfi Coast, you can visit many other Italian destinations like Salerno, Sorrento, and Naples


Sailing in Cres, Croatia

Croatia is a prime sailing destination for many sailors from all around the world. Charter a luxury sailboat in Croatia and enjoy perfect sailing conditions and amazing beaches and coves. The island of Cres is located just south of Pula and west of Krk. It offers sailors an amazing landscape to gaze from the luxury of a rented catamaran. Lush green hills and unscathed coves are a common sight to see when cruising around Cres. From the island, you can head to many other Croatian destinations such as Pula, Krk, Rovinj, Zadar and of course the beautiful Sibenik. 

Sailing in Trieste

Located in the North East part of Italy, Trieste is a prime sailing destination for many yacht enthusiasts. Just above Croatia is easy to visit both countries with one sailing trip. Charter a luxury sailboat in Trieste and sail in the amazing Adriatic Sea while seeing up close the amazing Italian landscape and of course sailing in the calm waters. The region of Trieste has countless beaches that you can visit while sailing and of course enjoy watersports, beach bars and restaurants. From Trieste, you can explore many other sailing destinations such as Venice to the north-west and the amazing towns Novigrad, Pula and Rovinj in Croatia

Our satisfied customers

Bavaria 49

after asking my boyfriend for a trip to Greece for quite a long time, he surprised me with fully booked reservations for a 2-week long yacht charter experience we had crazy romantic sailing around the Ionian Islands. I have sailed before but that was the best sailing experience

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 14.07.2018
Lagoon 560 S2 - 5 cab.

We booked a mega yacht for the whole organizational trip to the British Virgin Island for a week. We were assigned the most friendly and supportive skipper and a crew. We were provided with everything we needed and taken to places that we wanted to see. Thank you guys!

British Virgin Islands - Tortola 05.06.2019
Lagoon 421 - 4 + 1 cab.

We recently hired a catamaran for a Sunday yachting. We enjoyed every bit of the sailing. We went between islands taking pictures and videos. Sailing the best way to explore Greece I would definitely recommend.

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 21.07.2018
Lagoon 380

We hired a catamaran from Alimos so that we can go to Cyclades. We also hired a skipper because none of us have a skippers permit. The lagoon 380 that SailmeNow booked for us was the ideal boat. Due to the skipper’s knowledge of the waters, we were able to explore the various beaches that Cyclades have. 10/10 would prefer sailmenow again.

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 07.06.2019
Sun Odyssey 419 (3 cab)

I first contacted sailmenow because that I wanted to set sail in the Greek islands. They responded immediately and got me an offer for a new sailboat (2018 model). When I arrived at the Lavrio marina to start my sailing trip I was so exited. It was the best holidays of my life

Greece - Olympic marina 08.06.2019
Sun Odyssey 45 (4 cab)

I wanted to go sailing in Greece for a long time now. had the perfect offer for me. A sun odyssey 45 in Mykonos. One of the most amazing things that I did in my life in go sailing in the Aegean Sea. It is highly recommended.

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 08.06.2019
Lagoon 420 (4 cab)

The Saronic gulf hides many secrets. Sailing there was an eye opening and unique experience. The sea was calm and the boat had excellent sailing capabilities (Lagoon 420). O would go sailing there again.

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 17.06.2019
Lagoon 420 (4 cab)

Our family trip to Greece was amazing. Thank you for making our dream a reality.

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 29.06.2019
Bali 4.0

Me and my family have just returned form our charter in Lefkada, Greece. The scenery was amazing and the sea was calm. Thanks to for arranging this holiday. The Bali 4.0 that we rented was amazing and we had a blast in it. Totally would do it again next year.

Greece - Lefkas Marina 15.06.2019
Oceanis 50

Renting a sailboat with sailmenow was the best desecion of my life. We sailed in the ionian sea and it was the best thing that we could do this summer. We went from Lefkada to Kefalonia to corfu and had a blast. We would totally recommend sailing in Greece to everyone.

Greece - Lefkas Marina 22.06.2019
Jeanneau 54 (5 cab)

Having the opportunity to sail in Greece was always my dream. Now it came true. We rented a skipper and he took us to some of the most amazing places with the boat. Having a person that knows the destinations and the waters is surely one of the most important things when sailing.

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 29.06.2019
Nautitech 46 Fly

After doing research on the internet about yacht charter companies in Greece, Santorini, to be specific, we met this company of which we loved its services and the fleet of boats. We emailed them and they immediately got back at us and then made online reservations. Sailing in Santorini in one of their catamarans was epic and what I would say: BOOK BOOK BOOK!!!

Greece - Santorini (Vlichada) 13.06.2019
Lagoon 400

We took our yoga retreat guests aboard a catamaran for a day sailing in Mykonos. They were so excited about the calming nature of the waters and the relaxing atmosphere. These are the essential requirements for a yoga session. They loved the trip and are now planning a yoga session on a boat

Greece - Mykonos Marina Tourlos 14.06.2019
Sun Odyssey 519 (5 cab)

We took a family visit to Greece to our sister who is married and works in Volos. We had never been to the country before. We found he had already booked one of the amazing yachts from SailmeNow to tour around and it was epic!

Greece - Volos 15.06.2019
Bavaria Cruiser 51 (5 cab)

I have sailed so many times before but I have never gotten in a so much comfortable boat that proves to be so secure. I saw it among the fleet as I was scrolling through on the company’s website and loved it. The uniqueness this company offers besides best quality services makes it one of a kind.

Greece - Lefkas Marina 15.06.2019
Oceanis 51.1

sailing was a wonderful opportunity of discovering lots of islands together with friends. Besides discoveries, we had the opportunity, of course with the help of our boat captain, to make stoppages and dive into the waters for a swim. Thank you guys for the fascinating sail

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 19.06.2019
Cyclades 50.5

We are students at a university in Greece and as we were planning a geographical tour, the idea of exploring the Greek islands and the sightseeing of the sea popped up. Most of us opted for a sailing option as it was way efficient, flexible, convenient and way cheaper than flying around in a chopper. We contacted SailmeNow and just like that, we had both a learning and a Fantastic sailing.

Greece - Olympic marina 16.06.2019
Jeanneau 57

The boat was incredible, the captain we had was one of a kind. Everything about the trip was just great. If given an opportunity like that again, I would definitely go for it within a blink of an eye

Greece - Olympic marina 12.06.2019
Bavaria Cruiser 50

SailmeNow has just the right boats for you and if you do not know how to sail it is no worry, they will assign you the best and the friendliest captain you will ever meet. I am saying this because I have sailed with the company for quite some time.

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 12.06.2019
Bavaria 43 Cruiser

We were a group of 12 guys and we had organized a 4-day long trip, just sailing and making stops to hop onto stunning beaches. The four days were just filled with laughter and fun. A stop at Hydra was memorable and the highlight of the trip

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 10.06.2019
Lagoon 420 (4 cab)

A great day out, well planned and executed, excellent skipper and an amazing boat. We anchored at Santorini for lunch and hopped back where we were taken to a perfect spot for scuba diving

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 12.06.2019
Lagoon 380

In Greece, I honestly lived my dream!!! I have sailed before but I have never experienced so much fun. The skipper knew just where to take us. The combination of the perfect weather, amazing people, wonderful cuisines, comfortable boat, and so much more made the trip even more of a success

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 28.06.2019
Lagoon 380

To be honest, the best excursion I have ever been on without a doubt. I live in Greece and I have been sailing but this trip was amazing

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 12.06.2019
Oceanis 46.1

The trip in Kalymnos was spectacular… Wonderful catamaran, splendid nightlife, intriguing features and much more. It was an epic sailing experience that I had in Greece and I would love to repeat it.

Greece - Kos Marina 17.06.2019
Sun Odyssey 36i (3 cab)

I took a sunset sailing option from Santorini and sailed back after it was already dark. The view of the lighting from the boat floating on the water was unexplainable – simply heavenly. I love the trip!

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 14.06.2019
Oceanis 40

On behalf of me and my friends, we say thank you to SailmeNow for gifting us with a wonderful sailing holiday. They made us have a spectacular first time sailing experience that has since become our new found love.

Greece - Volos 18.06.2019
Bavaria Cruiser 50

After making online reservations, we headed to Greece where we were so warmly welcomed. The yacht charter company received us with many smiles. For first time sailors like me, at the time, safety was guaranteed and we were given one of their best skippers just to show commitment to our safety and guaranteed fun

Greece - Lefkas Marina 20.06.2019
Athena 44

I am kind of late with my review. we kicked a day-long sail in a number of stunning beaches but the one I most definitely remember was Syros where we stopped for a while to take a swim and then hopped back into the boat.

Greece - Foinikas Marina (Syros) 28.06.2019
Bavaria Cruiser 46 (4 cab)

I love nature, without a doubt, especially forests. After hearing our conversations about how much I loved forests, the captain of the boat redirected the boat, of course with our permission, to Fiskardo where some made a stop. Some of us snorkeled in the water while some of us went up to the forest for a few minutes of exploration

Greece - Kefalonia 12.06.2019
Lagoon 450

Sailing in Greece was my long dream and I finally did it! When I contacted I thought that yacht charter trips were too expensive. The agent made an offer that I could not refuse. So 3 months later I was on a sailboat in the middle of the Aegean sea drinking my cocktail.

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 12.06.2019
Lagoon 39 (4 cab)

Sailing from Corfu to Zakynthos. The Ionian Sea is full of good surprises. Turquoise waters and good vibes only while sailing in Greece. The skipper knew everything about bringing us to destinations that only he knew about. It was an awesome experience.

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 18.06.2019
Oceanis 46.1

What shall we say about our sailing holidays in Greece? It was above all standards. Like sailing in dreamland. Totally would do it again.

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 20.06.2019
Lagoon 400

Excellent sailing Experience in Greece! Totally recommend!

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 19.06.2019
Oceanis 48 (5 cab)

Amazing sailing trip to Greece. Above all standards.

Greece - Kos Marina 20.06.2019
Sun Odyssey 42i

What can I tell you about sailing to the Aegean Sea? Everything was amazing.

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 15.06.2019
Lagoon 42 (6 cab)

Having a lagoon 450 in the Ionian sea was a blast. We had amazing family times and we will never forget it

Greece - Kalamaki (Alimos Marina) 17.06.2019
Bavaria 42 Cruiser (3 cab)

The best sailing route in Greece! Cyclades

Greece - Mykonos Marina Tourlos 20.06.2019
Lagoon 450 F (4 cab)

Even though I and my family live in Greece, we never thought that sailing will be so amazing! the Ionian Sea was fantastic. The Lagoon 450 F that we chartered from was outstanding!

Greece - Corfu (Gouvia Marina) 12.06.2019
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